How to avoid mobile phone misery on your summer holidays!

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How to avoid mobile phone misery on your summer holidays!

Are you one of the addicted ones? Are you carrying your mobile or table PC with you at all times? You got used of posting on your FB or twitting whenever you want? Also checking mails, weather or new arrivals at Mango, HM or Zara? That’s all great! That is something that we can afford almost every day. How about our business trips and holidays?

phone How to avoid mobile phone misery on your summer holidays! - How to avoid mobile phone misery on your summer holidays!

Check out our holiday tips and be sure your summer break doesn’t end up with hefty phone bill!

It’s summer time. We are all travelling somewhere.  If you want that your annual summer holidays don’t cost more than the price of the flight and accommodation together :),you should follow our tips of mobile phone usage. You should follow us even more, if you don’t want to lose your dearest phone when you’re abroad.

The number of mobile phone owners has been growing in recent years. Especially those with smartphones! They can accumulate huge bills when they are travelling on holiday!

Tips by T&L:

1.    Be careful that the App on your smartphone doesn’t use the internet to update information and therefore cost you huge data rates. Turn off cellular data to restrict all data to Wi-Fi, including email, web browsing, and push notifications. Disable 3G too!!!

2.    Use the internet on your phone very cautiously, unless Wi-Fi is available :).

3.    Ask your network provider to cap your data usage to a level that you’re confident you’d not go over. So, if someone steels your phone on a holiday, you know the bill is restricted. It can easily happen that you cannot block it soon enoughL At least you saved some additional money!

4.    Busy users should consider buying a local Pre-Pay SIM card! Usually it’s much cheaper. The only thing is that the number will be a new one. If you want to be reached you will have to let your friends know the number.

5.    If you’re travelling to a less popular destination check if there is a roaming agreement with that country’s providers and that calls are reasonable….

6.   Free minutes’ or package deals of your rental are unlikely to cover calls from abroad.

7.    Remember the PIN on your phone to protect the use of the phone!!!!! Keep it written somewhere though! I have just experienced my rashness….. My iPhone battery run-off and the phone automatically switched off…Guess what, I forgot the PIN :). It has never happened to me before, but after two weeks of holidays your brain switches off as well.  Three attempts, three wrong combinations, a demand to enter iPhone’s PUK. If you think I have either of those numbers written somewhere you are wrongL  My husband lent me his iPhone, so I didn’t feel so helpless. I could still take 100 of photos and film a dozen of movies  every day……I asked my mum to find a PIN somewhere at my home, but she couldn’t find it. After three days I called my mobile operator.

Can you imagine Louise without her iPhone for 3 days????! That would be a complete disaster! She would call her operator immediately and after giving them her personal data they would let her know the PUK number. She would have to choose a new PIN. However, this cannot happen to her, because she switched her PIN off. If her phone “dies” she doesn’t need to enter any PIN. If you think of me and all my troubles with forgotten PIN it seems like a good idea, but if someone stills your phone that is definitely not a smart move. They can use it without any difficulties and you will be billed for their expensive calls.

I explained her that she should switch her PIN on again, but she doesn’t want to listen! She says that her safety measure is the passcode that she has to enter each time when she picks up her phone (and that is every 5 minutes)  and that this is all that she needs. Hopefully this will do! I will keep both, the PIN and the passcode.

8.    Block your mobile as soon as you can if you think it has been stolen or lost.

In case something so unfortunate happens to you, you should call your mobile operator as soon as you notice your phone is gone.

9.    Uploading pictures or videos to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube or Pinterest  can be very expensive. Check for Wi-Fi or do it later at home :).  It’ll cost less and your friends at home will have to wait to hear all the little details that could not be caught in a photo.

Read all these tips very carefully! It is vital that you follow them if you don’t want to pay a hefty phone bill when you return back home. And don’t forget to check with your network operator if they have any special holiday offers before your holidays :)!!!

It’s also crucial that people stay on their guard from a theft point of view. It’s all too easy to forget security when you’re having a good time, but that’s when your phone is most at risk. And with many people using their phones as cameras these days you could lose treasured memories alongside the handset itself.

phone How to avoid mobile phone misery on your summer holidays! - How to avoid mobile phone misery on your summer holidays!

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