Have you ever lost your Phone?

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Have you ever lost your phone?

Do you already have a ‘baby’ that belongs to the family of iPhones, BlackBerries or Androids? Are you taking good care of it? Thelma and I try to do our best by keeping an eye always on our loved one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       How about you? Are you careful enough? Are you keeping them by your side at all times?
Because yes, your phone can get stolen!!!There are ‘customers’ who can not afford to buy a smartphone or would be even happy to come across an ordinary mobile phone. If it is a smart one, that’s even better?.
It could happen to you, by accident of course, that you leave you phone at the bar after a night of dancing and taking hundreds of photos to be posted on the FB later on! One or two pics were posted during the evening….when in the morning you want to post the rest of them you realize the phone is gone! Thelma did it few times. She is a bit more careless and I need to look after her handbag as well. Until now she had quite a luck, her baby is safe in her hands.
Unfortunately, if it happens that you lose your phone, it doesn’t mean that you lose everything. If you follow this post you can get some important tips how to avoid loosing some important data from you phone.

But you must know the basics! Do you know the basics?

Setting a passcode for your phone’s home screen

If a thief is on his mission, he’ll have a problem. He (could as well be a she??)’ll have to work out your secret code before using your phone! Take the extra precaution of adding a pin code to your SIM card too!!!!!It will stop thieves putting your SIM card into another phone!
Back up your data

Every day connect your smartphone to your computer….you’ll always have the latest back-up of your data. You can also store your data remotely on iCloud for iPhones, or Dropbox. BlackBerry and Android phones can download free apps such as DropSpace, which link to cloud services like Dropbox. If you do this, your pictures, music, contacts, calendar, secret messages from your lover that you need to read over and over again will be saved?

What about tracking your phone?

You could transform yourself in Hercule Poirot or famous Agatha Christie’s Miss Marples and could find your phone by yourself…



Here are “Apps to track and wipe your Phones”.

Find my iPhone it’s an app to track your iPhone! It’s free from iTunes and allows you to use another device, such as your laptop or iPad, to locate your lost/stolen/missing iPhone on a map, down to a particular street.

Have you ever lost your Phone? - Have you ever lost your Phone?

Have you ever lost your Phone? - Have you ever lost your Phone?

You can also set a passcode lock remotely, which is useful if you don’t have auto-lock set up on your phone. You can also: delete all the information on your phone or instruct your phone to play a sound. This is good when you have just noticed that someone grabbed your iPhone, and the thief just didn’t have time to escape. The sound is really annoying, and it lasts for 2 minutes. The good thing is that this sound works even when your iPhone is on mute mode. With this function, you also locate a phone if you have just left it somewhere in your house.
Sending a message works well on some thieves. They may agree to return the device or leave it at the place that you indicate when they receive a message like, “I know you have stolen my iPhone, you jerk» or “Wait till I get you, I will stick my high heel in you eye”!


BlackBerry Protect is a free app for finding your lost BlackBerry smartphone. Simply log on to the BB Protect website to remotely lock your device and if you want, you can delete all info or locate your missing BB on a map and you can send a message to a thief on your home screen. To this one you can write: You are a BB – Bloody bustard’!!!!??

Have you ever lost your Phone? - Have you ever lost your Phone?



Lookout is an app for Androids?….it offers many of the same features as BlackBerry Protect or FindmyiPhone.

Have you ever lost your Phone? - Have you ever lost your Phone?
The best insurance for you smartphone is keeping an eye over it at all times. They are our little babies after all?. Can you live without them anymore? We can’t.

With love T&L!

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