Be careful! The FB “single” status season is upon us!


In seams that in the autumn, you have quite big options to stay single

The social network Facebook is a place where many individuals try to reach their 5 minutes of fame with posting headless things that happen to them in life. Among them, of course, there are also details of their “status” and “relationships.” Of course this allows to the research houses, to monitor the period in which people most commonly enter the relationships and when those are broken.

The first results of this research show that most statuses on the Facebook change from “in a relationship” to “single” in the autumn. Breaking of the relationships reaches its peak about two weeks before the New Year holidays. But when holidays occur, it is far less than all other times. Festive period is a time when everyone should be happy and no one wants to jeopardize this idyll. During the holidays, the couple meets with friends and relatives with whom you may not see all year and the last thing the former partners want to do, is to interprete to them why they broke up.

Analysis of different research houses also showed that the end of the relationship is the most popular to be posted on Facebook on Monday. This is likely to be a result to dramatic weekends when partners spend the whole day together. Another interesting thing is that most relationships end on the Valentine’s day. On this day most relationships are canceled by women, to whom men forget to pay attention. Even other holidays are quite busy with failed relationships. Among the seasons, the summer definitely stands out :):):). We guess that people want to spend time with someone they really like or they choose rather to be alone.

Be careful! The FB "single" status season is upon us! - Be careful! The FB "single" status season is upon us!


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