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Hi guys. Welcome to our blog. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. You might even get some advice, idea or will just spend some time with us.

We are Thelma & Louise, working mums that spend most of our days sitting in the office. We try to do our best at work, at raising kids and eventually at finding some time and space that belongs to us only.

We found the place all right, here on line. It makes us complete. It gives us the chance to find whatever interests us. This way we follow, test, try or use all the nice things that come to our hands. Like most women, we like beautiful stuff. Clothes and shoes, accessories, cosmetics, gadgets …..nice tech products that we know how to use…….we want them all.

We believe technology is something we just can’t live without anymore. It definitely makes our lives much easier. We can live them faster, more active and eventually more effective.

From our point of view though, tech should be: of right color (preferable pink), it should match our daily clothes or make up, it should be girlish, nice, beautiful, eco, bio, ….

Secondly, our gadgets must be handy, practical, useful, easy to clean or wash….

Last but not least, we should be interested in specs too. They are that special tech weapon that usually makes our men’s heads spin. So, we will leave them to the guys, if that’s ok with you!

Saying all that, we will try to find some stuff that should be exciting for you too. Useful or simply beautiful, we’ll let you decide by yourself. We’ll try to demonstrate and review the products as honesty as we can. Every time, we will discover their technical characteristic by ourselves. We will test and try the product and keep you up with all the important information. We will always know where you can find it, at what price you can buy it, is it worth it or not.

It could be that you will find our reviews strange!? Could be that we will be way off. But that’s us, that’s who we are! Not so damn young anymore, but still very blond. What can you say? Chicks!

We’ll be happy to read any of your comments or simple thoughts. They will always be appreciated.

Enjoy life, enjoy technology! Enjoy it in our company.

Thelma & Louise

About us - technology chicks