The smart piece of jewelry

      Bracelet – The smart piece of jewelry We believe that many people share the same problem as Louise or me. Namely, Louise’s husband constantly…


      Be my girl

      Cable! Hey guys! We know that there are only “few” things that you can’t leave without. Next to football, beer, women and cars, there…


      Piggy the piglet

      Sometimes U come home late, it’s already dark out side. The lights on the staircase don’t want to turn on, because of the sensors….


      You like it big?

      Maybe it is not that you like it big, it’s more that you need big?:):):) Are you one of those people who sleep surrounded…


      Girl Vs Running

      Are you addicted to running but hate running on a gym’s treadmill? We sure do. Beeing a working mum or studying hard most of the day, you…


      Some royal blood in you?

      Unfortunately there is non running through our veins. However, to bring a pinch of glamorous, rich and mysterious world from the UK island:) or other kingdoms, we bought ourselves a…


      Did your Iphone survive?

      Have you dropped it already? I know I did.  I have this stupid habit of mine, putting it down in my lap when finishing…