Want the best sex ever?

Definitely, who doesn’t! So, let’s talk about your sex habits :) Want the best sex ever? - Want the best sex ever?

Are your bored with currant action in your bedroom?  New lingerie doesn’t work for you anymore? Here are T&L tips to maximise your chances for best sex ever:) Take control and be naughty! Use Invisible Ink pen to write secret messages for him/her on your body, give pen to your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife or lover. Turn off the lights and BE PREPARED for long, crazy and unforgettable night:)……Next morning you will be in love again or you’ll run away with your lover:):)….

For single people we recommend taking the pan to the club or bar. You can write your telephone number or a secret message on the hand of your new acquaintance. This way you don’t reveal everything at once. Of course it’s quite necessary that you give the pan to your new friend in order he or she can read the message later:) On the other hand, many clubs already have UV lighting, so it might happen that you will be able to keep your pen for other occasion:).

Ink can be washed away with soup & water….if you use only water, ink will stay on your body!! So, don’t use the soup, if you want to repeat the perfect night again and again :):) On the other hand you should definitely use soup if you visited places that you shouldn’t:).

We must apologise that our minds always think about sex first, but this excellent Invisible Ink Pan can be used also for other purposes, of course.  For instance, those who work with money a lot, can use it as a money detector. If you have problems with your money leaking away you should mark it and than look for it.

Money disappearance can be happening in your family too :(. Hopefully you won’t be needing it this way.

God forbit, but anyway:) you can use your Invisible Ink Pen to cheat on your tests. You will not be able to write a lot of text on your hands, because the letters cannot be very small. However to use it to write some essentials it will do just fine. We suggest to use it only if your teacher is a pain in the ass and you have  tried to pass your test several times already:)

best sex Want the best sex ever? - Want the best sex ever?

best sex Want the best sex ever? - Want the best sex ever?

best sex Want the best sex ever? - Want the best sex ever?Excellent!

best sex Want the best sex ever? - Want the best sex ever?

PROS: Very cheap, very funny, comes with UV light and batteries which are replaceable, works with other UV-light. So many different ways of using it.

CONS: Non! Perhaps it’ll dryout soon. It is not possible to replace the ink tube, that’s why you should have at least 2 pcs or more:)

OVERALL: Amazing item. Gives wings to your imagination! Great present for your single or non single friends! Kids will also love it! For those who work with money (cashier, bankers, ….)

With love T&L!

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