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I’m not a paper cup!

So, don’t you worry, you won’t feel like drinking a “take a way” coffee. It is not that Starbucks Caffe mocha isn’t absolutely delicious,…


Night vision!

Are U a late working person? U don’t want to disturb others or even wake them up in the middle of the night by…


Girl Vs Running

Are you addicted to running but hate running on a gym’s treadmill? We sure do. Beeing a working mum or studying hard most of the day, you…


Some royal blood in you?

Unfortunately there is non running through our veins. However, to bring a pinch of glamorous, rich and mysterious world from the UK island:) or other kingdoms, we bought ourselves a…


Did your Iphone survive?

Have you dropped it already? I know I did.  I have this stupid habit of mine, putting it down in my lap when finishing…


Breaking the Law

Hopefully those who shouldn’t see such writing, did not read my previous post about making calls where most of the people do:( I will…


Best Gadget 2011

Best gadget 2011 We are wondering what will be the best gadget in 2012? Let’s find out together! Share on!