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Be my girl

Cable! Hey guys! We know that there are only “few” things that you can’t leave without. Next to football, beer, women and cars, there…


Must be the Music!

Each time when I upload some new music on my iPhone, I am like a small child. I’m so happy, that my whole day…

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Couple of months ago, Thelma got a Mac from her husband. She was absolutely thrilled with it. She is an “i” lover, I am…


Piggy the piglet

Sometimes U come home late, it’s already dark out side. The lights on the staircase don’t want to turn on, because of the sensors….


Most wanted iPhone 5!

Still waiting for an iPhone 5? Thelma and me definitely can wait for it to come :) So we searched and we found some rumors…

Want the best sex ever?

Definitely, who doesn’t! So, let’s talk about your sex habits Are your bored with currant action in your bedroom?  New lingerie doesn’t work for you…


You like it big?

Maybe it is not that you like it big, it’s more that you need big?:):):) Are you one of those people who sleep surrounded…