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Bracelet – The smart piece of jewelry

We believe that many people share the same problem as Louise or me.

Namely, Louise’s husband constantly loses his nerves. Do you know why? It’s because Louise almost never answers the phone when he calls her! Most of the times she is not doing it on purpose :):).  Usually she can’t hear it ringing. Either her phone is too deep in her big bag or she goes to the meeting and forgets to switch the ringtone back on after. I am doing all that and many other more or less possible scenarios. More than few times I forgot the phone in the car, in the wardrobe or in my Zumba bag. Each time I am looking for it after a while as if it was a golden bar:), hoping I did not lose it somewhere. Of course I have to return all the missing calls, including those from Louise, when I finally find it.

It could happen something important though. Our kids could get sick and teachers would call from the school. Our parents, that are not young anymore, could need us urgently. You can imagine how urgent is the shopping on Thursday, when the shop offers the pensioner discount:). Even our husbands could use our help sometime. It could happen that their car broke down in the middle of the street and they would need us to organize the transport for the “body”.

For whatever reason we would need to pick up the phone, but we do not hear it ringing, there is a perfect solution for us all. Louise and I found a beautiful, smart piece of jewelry that can be used as your best fashion bracelet. We promise that you will be grateful to us for finding such a great gadget!

Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet

The Bluetooth vibrating bracelet is a revolutionary product that gives the user discreet and increased awareness of an incoming mobile phone call by vibrating. Proximity feature enables to the technology user to be notified by vibration that her mobile phone is out of 5 meters range.

The design of the bracelet is absolutely stylish. It’s interface is really friendly. When connected it works in minutes.

The package consists of: bracelet, USB charger clip, manual charger.

It’s functions are:
Vibrating when receiving the call
- Identifying the call (the number of the caller is displayed)
- Prevention of the loss of the mobile
- Displaying of time

Technical Specs

Bluetooth Version: V2.1
Compatible with: V1.1, V1.2, & V2.1
Voltage: 3.6V-4.2V
Current: 45mA
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Charge time: 2 hours
Standby time: 72 hours

Charger specs:

Input Voltage: 110-240V
Frequency: 50Hz

 bracelet The smart piece of jewelry - The smart piece of jewelry

bracelet The smart piece of jewelry - The smart piece of jewelry

bracelet The smart piece of jewelry - The smart piece of jewelry

 T&L tips

PROS: With incoming call vibrating alert,  you will never miss a call again. Proximity vibrating alert will notify you, when your phone feels neglected:) You shouldn’t be leaving your “babies” lying around, especially if the distance is more than 5 m.
This bracelet is also universally compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.
You can find it in many different colors. This way you can match it to your daily dress or nail polish:) You can also use it as a watch.

CONS:  Seriously we cannot find any! If we think over however, maybe there are times when we would want to leave the phone at home!!! It could be, that you are going for a walk or a run and you could spend some moments without the phone. That is impossible for Louise though….If she doesn’t twitt at least twice per day and checks in at different locations she is ill and needs a doctor:).

OVERALL: Wearing the bracelet you will look great and feel good. Since you will be reachable at all times, your callers will be so much happier:):)…

.bracelet The smart piece of jewelry - The smart piece of jewelry


bracelet The smart piece of jewelry - The smart piece of jewelry

bracelet The smart piece of jewelry - The smart piece of jewelry

You can watch our video here:

With love, T&L

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