You like it big?


Maybe it is not that you like it big, it’s more that you need big?:):):)

Are you one of those people who sleep surrounded with mobile phones, alarm clocks, radios and I don’t know what else…….you keep them set to wake you up at different times starting an hour before you actually get up? I am. Thelma laughs at me, apparently she is more like my husband. When the alarm clock rings for them, they get up. I cannot do it, I need my time to prepare myself for the shock:):):) But, this is ok. I don’t mind this morning ritual of mine, hopefully you manage to start the morning as painless as you can:).

What I was actually bothered with was, that my living room, dining room or kitchen (overlooking each-other) didn’t have a proper clock. A clock that I could see from different angles at all times, even at night with the lights off. I started the search for a digital clock and I found this…..

big You like it big? - You like it big? big You like it big? - You like it big?

Technical specs:

1. Calendar from 2000 to 2099
2. 24 hour format
3. Red light backlit
4. Features clock, alarm, calendar, and digital thermometer (C and F)
5. Ideal to put it at home or in the office
6. AC power supply (US Plug/100~240V)
7. Also powered by 4*AA batteries which are not included
8. Dimensions: 14.8 cm x 7 cm x 5.5 cm
9. Weight: 314g

T&L non-technical tips:

1. The clock helps you organize daily events with more precision than ever. You will never be late to your date again:)

2. Displaying the date is also helpful. Ever happened to you that you forgot to attend the children’s parental meeting? Unfortunately with me it’s like this: I realize that we are the 23rd and than I browse through my mind what was that we had that day. I realise that we should be somewhere on the 22nd? Shit, shit, shit…….! Not again!

3. Temperature; even though in this case the clock will tell you the inner temperature and not the temperature outside, that could be very useful. Knowing the temperature you can decide whether you want so serve dinner to your husband in your brand new sexy lingerie or you will put it on just some minutes before your husband comes from the shower after you ate:):)

4. Alarm, always comes in handy….It’s quite loud, I can add it to the rest of those that wake me up in the morning.

5. It’s a nice accessory, well in line with the rest of the technology in our home

big You like it big? - You like it big? big You like it big? - You like it big?

big You like it big? - You like it big?Excellent

big You like it big? - You like it big?

PROS: Big and luminous digits. Features of time, date and temperature.

CONS: Slow rotation among the features. If you are interested mostly in time, waiting for it to display can make you nervous:(

OVERALL: It’s stylish, perfectly fits to the rest of the technology and its gadgets. We treat it as an accessory that is useful for a change:)

With love T&L

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