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We both have iPhones. If you ask our husbands and kids, they will tell you that we are addicted to them. It’s not true:):)of course. Anyway, you can imagine us searching for new and interesting applications on app store every day. Sometimes we search the app store just because we get bored in the office, sometimes by friends recommendation………

We both love running too, therefore we need a wide range of music on our iPhones. We like to run with headphones in our ears, listening to some impactful music that helps us keep up the pace.

Do you like music where the refrain can be whispered and the melody sang or you prefer some rhythm with additional bits? Do you like pop, r & b , rock? Thelma and I like a bit of everything, but in our hearts though, we remain rockers.
When we were searching for some new tunes for the running, we came across with an interesting mobile application. Until then, we didn’t notice that kind, so we went further and realized that it is the app of one Croatian pop & rock group named Parni Valjak.  Do you know them? We are sure you do! We thought about you. Namely, from our analyses we can still establish that most of the people, who are following us, come from the Adriatic area.

We started exploring the application and we were amazed. It’s absolutely great, so simple and full of important information. If you are their fan already, you can find out when & where is the next concert, including maps so that you can’t get lost, information about where to buy tickets, their biography, you can browse through the videos & photos, you can download them……and what’s the best…..you can listen to their music while discovering application. If you are their fan you should definitely have it on your mobile.

You can use this application if you have Mac or Android mobile devices. If you don’t like this new technology (iPhone, iPad, htc, Samsung…….different smart devices:):):) you can still find and use the traditional ways of following them.

They of course have their own Facebook page, where they are really up to date and will keep you posted with almost everything that happens to them. If you cannot go to their concert, you don’t miss much:):):). You get to know what was happening there in such a detail, that you can feel the atmosphere from the concert. Through the photos, videos and comments of people that managed to go to the concert, you can experience the most of it. However you should go someday, it’s really unforgettable. We urge you to become their fan, and may be that you will visit their upcoming concert real soon. They are so nice, that before every concert they give away some free tickets.

As a “ground support” they have a new website. It’s something of a real perfection. This web site offers literally everything. Please, you must check it out on www.parni-valjak.net. It left us speechless.

You can follow Parni Valjak also on Twitter. You should try to twit them. You will see how responsive they are. They are absolutely great.
Hope one day they’ll come to our country so that we can go to their concert….Aki has a special and amazing voice and even if we don’t understand what he is singing we just fell in love with them!

Technical tips:
1. Applicable on MAC and/or Android mobile devices
2. Very easy to use
3. You can find categories: songs, photos & videos, news, shows, band info & social
4. Listening to the music while searching the app….
5. Download music/videos
6. And so much more……

mobile We remain Rockers - We remain Rockers  mobile We remain Rockers - We remain Rockers

mobile We remain Rockers - We remain RockersExcellent

T&L mobile tips:
1. For the running we need really dynamic and emotional music. Louise is preparing herself for 21 km marathon – crazy chick:):):), so for the training she needs songs like “Zagreb  ima isti pozivni” or “Lutka za bal”. Songs like “Prokleta nedelja” & “Kao ti” are more appropriate for Thelma and her tempo of running.
2. As far as the romance is concerned, people…. this application is a must!!! Music of Parni Valjak can guaranty you some heavy scoring :):):)
3. You should be aware however of risking some partner’s nagging for not putting down the phone anymore… there are just so many things to check out!!!


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