Piggy the piglet


Sometimes U come home late, it’s already dark out side. The lights on the staircase don’t want to turn on, because of the sensors. Apparently they are set to spot people of bigger sizes :(:(. So you’ve got yourself in a situation where you can’t find the keyhole! Voila, Thelma and me have a perfect solution for you. You will be able to get in your flat with ease! You won’t have to wave to your sensors anymore as if you are waving goodbye to your man:):).

Apart from finding holes:):):) my Thelma is constantly having problems with finding staff in her big bag – could it be keys, lipstick, iPhonewallet, dummy, wet wipes, toys, tissues….. she gets crazy all the time. It doesn’t matter how big is her bag, always the same story. It’s funny but we believe all women face the same problem. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that we need help:)

So, my last weeks’ net surfing brought a perfect solution for us all….. cute gadget, that helps you find everything in your messy bag!!! I gave it to Thelma as a present and I know I saved her time and nerves:). Piggy the piglet, gorgeous little friend that will never leave you helpless again. You can attach it to the zipper of your bag, because you definitely do not want to look for it in you bag together with the rest of your stuff:):):).

You can also use this Mini pig flashlight in an early morning when it’s still dark outside. You need to find your wardrobe and you don’t want to wake up your husband ( if you believe that:):):)). Finding toilet without turning all the lights on in the middle of the night, searching for different body lotions and creams that you forgot to put on in the bathroom or even looking for your night gown when coming from the shower, piggy the piglet comes to the rescue….. Of course, if your piggy will be out of your reach, no problem. I am sure your man will not mind if you crawl under the blanket without anything on:). Who needs pajamas anyway, it will come of sooner or later.

Piggy Piggy the piglet - Piggy the piglet   Piggy Piggy the piglet - Piggy the piglet

Piggy Piggy the piglet - Piggy the piglet


Piggy Piggy the piglet - Piggy the piglet

It’s good to have it at least 5 pcs… for each bag you have at home:):) …..it’s so cheap, that you can afford it.

Technical tips:

2 LEDs Flashlight White (3*AG3 Included)

T&L Non tecnical tips:

PROS: so cheap you can afford it, perfect key chain, it’s brighter than you could imagine, it’s also pretty big, so u won’t lose it, strong light, nice to have with u at all times……

CONS: There are not many. The construction is not of good quality, but for this price it’s ok. The main “little problem” is that you have to keep the pressure on the button light to get a light. It’s not pleseant when u need light for a long time.

OVERALL: The light is strong enough to search for keys, keyholes, etc. Nice product at a ridiculously low price.

With love T&L!

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