Must be the Music!


Each time when I upload some new music on my iPhone, I am like a small child. I’m so happy, that my whole day is about music that day! I am singing all the time, laughing … Music makes me complete, can’t imagine living without it ……..I need to be careful though, specially in my office. Not everybody likes listening to my singing, don’t know why?:):):) It is true, that most of the times I put on my headphones, not to bother others, and I sing a little bit of everything . Then I guess sometimes I get carried away and I sing out laud. They say I sound like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman singing Purple rain in a bathtub………so everyone laughs at me:) … but I don’t care.

At home I want to feel free to sing out loud as much as I want. I’m a modern mum, I listen to all kinds of music! Because I know, that Thelma likes music as much as me, and that our kids always want to listen to the music from our iPhones, I was on a new mission. This time I was searching for some loud speakers. I surfed the net and guess what I found?

This time we are happy to present you the Cute Rabbit Ear Style Analog Acoustic Horn Stand Amplifier Speaker for iPhone 4 &4S which remindes on Playboy bunny. Those who already know what kind of Chicks we are :), know that we like to give people what they’re looking for, sometimes just something a little unexpected, funny, cute, sexy, ……. . We are talking about outspoken art of cuteness….. well, it is a thing of beauty: soft but not fluffy, stylish but not too much, big but not huge. It looks perfect as a home decoration, too.

music Must be the Music! - Must be the Music!

Rabbit Ear Stand is a fun, new accessory for the iPhone 4 and 4S. It’s made of high quality silicone. It has no moving or metal parts and slides easily on and off the phone. It’s a great little gadget and we’ve yet to see anything that resembles it on the market today. The most important feature of our rabbit is that effectively increases 13dB of the volume:)…..This is the feature that we were looking for:) We are saved! We can shout as loud as we want now and others will still hear the music:).

music Must be the Music! - Must be the Music!   music Must be the Music! - Must be the Music!

music Must be the Music! - Must be the Music!


  music Must be the Music! - Must be the Music!

PROS: Cheap, very funny, suitable as a home decoration, no external power needed

CONS: Non! Perhaps the color is too girlish for you….but you can buy the rabbit stand in other colors as well

OVERALL: Amazing item. Holds iPhone vertically and horizontally, functions as a holder stander, suitable for iPhone 4 and 4S, effectively increases 13dB of the volume

With this gadget I made waves on my iPhone:) and definitely on me too.

With love T&L!

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