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Hey guys! We know that there are only “few” things that you can’t leave without. Next to football, beer, women and cars, there are most definitely computers and phones, too. May be that there are some bright exceptions and ladies who have these guys should be really lucky, or not :):) but 99% of you guys match our description, wouldn’t you agree?

Since your phone is something that is almost glued on you throughout the day, than at least you should use it the right way:) Camera on your phone it’s a MUST, because your ladies, kids, family trips and parties should be covered at all times. You should take pictures of the menu at the restaurant where you engaged your woman, pictures from your bachelor’s party (yeah right:):):), we wish), wedding and the wedding trip… of the birth of your firstborn, family’s B-days…..and more and more……Of course we can imagine there are lots of other material hidden from our eyes, but that’s ok, we have our phones too:) As long as you carry a photo of us or some other body parts of ours in your phone, you are safe!!!!

Anyway, if you want to get all these photos from your phone and give a photo or two of your child to his/her grandma (she is asking for new photos for over a year already), you need a cable. You always get it together with your phone. In case you lose it, or you need more than one, here is a nice one for you. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s handy.

cable Be my girl - Be my girl cable Be my girl - Be my girl

Technical Specs:
- Retractable Cute Devil Pattern USB Data / Charging Cable
- Material: ABS
- Features both as charging and data cable
- Cable Length: 80cm
- Great for your iPad / iPhone 3G / 4 / 4S

cable Be my girl - Be my girl cable Be my girl - Be my girl

T&L non-technical tips:
1. When buying one for yourself, buy one for your woman as well! Look how cute it the one for her too.
2. Since the cables are retractable, there is no fear for them to get entangled. You should have seen ours, when we drag them out of our bag:). It’s like a ball of wool:)
3. From the practical point of view the cables are really easy to carry around.
4. If you decide to give the cable to your loved one, we are sure he or she  will be very happy. If you buy for both of you, they will even feel like you really belong to each other.

cable Be my girl - Be my girlGood

cable Be my girl - Be my girl

PROS: This is a very useful and handy gadget for ipads & iphones.
CONS: The contacts are not the same as the contacts of the original cable. The contacts of this product need a bit more strength in your hands:):)
OVERALL: We like the cables for their look. We believe they are funny, trendy, handy…..a great gift for someone who wants to get photos, music or videos from the phone or ipad.

With love T&L

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