Bad hairday ? You need help ?


I absolutely love my Louise, but I must confess you one thing. I am really jealous of her hair. It’s beautiful. It’s long and shiny, always done as if she came straight from the hairdresser. All that she does however is that she washes them, goes to bad and wakes up with the perfect hairstyle. I can’t believe it!!!Can you imagine?

Unfortunately I am not that lucky. My hair is not that supple. Also, having two beautiful:):) kids, that need me and my service:) most of my ‘after work’ time, doesn’t help. I neither have time nor will to pay much attention to my hair. Usually, I wash it late at night, when whichever hair style instrument is completely useless. I tried a few times, used all kinds of oils, hair brushes, hair driers, even straighteners and my hard work done during that late evening was demolished during the night. I wish I’d have a good reason for that:):). Some night exercise could always justify the ruin of your perfectly arranged hair …I am sure none of us wouldn’t complaint much about it. But, if the only reason for your messy hair is the battle that you fight with your own pillow, that’s the grief that you can join me in.

This is why most of the times my hair is bind in a pony-tail. For me, this is the easy way out.

There are days that I manage to make some sort of the hairstyle that I believe it’s a nice change and I get different comments from my friends. Oh Thelma, what happened to your hairdryer, did it go crazy? Couldn’t you stop it? Which hurricane you met Katrine, Irene? What did you fight about? Your man? Sometimes my tiny and soft curls come out quite nice, but this days are rare.

Of course, other solution to my problem is my hairdresser. When I visit her, I get out as a different person. I get to meet new people:):), my husband thinks he’s got a new wife:), new energy is in the air so everything is just right. It’s almost true. The problem is, I don’t want to lose time or money for my frequent visits to hairdresser, though I love her and we always have a great time in her saloon.

So, the situation, that I found myself in, was alarming. Louise helped me out (of course, she doesn’t need time with her hair:):). We surfed the net and we found a perfect gadget for me.

Hairday Bad hairday ? You need help ? - Bad hairday ? You need help ?    Hairday Bad hairday ? You need help ? - Bad hairday ? You need help ?

Hairday Bad hairday ? You need help ? - Bad hairday ? You need help ?

Hairday Bad hairday ? You need help ? - Bad hairday ? You need help ?Excellent

Hairday Bad hairday ? You need help ? - Bad hairday ? You need help ?

For a month now, the Remington S6600STYLIST MULTI-STYLE is absolutely indispensable for me. With the features that this straightener is offering to me, I am a new person. My hair is neatly done most of the week days, now I wear pony tail only at the weekends. It is not that I didn’t have the hair straightener before, but it is also true that it was probably already ten years old. So, you can imagine how big, heavy and clumsy it was. No wonder I wasn’t able to make a decent hair style to myself. Speaking to other girlfriends however, Remington S6600 Stylist offers us some features that other straighteners of this era:) don’t. So, don’t worry, if you are choosing among a few, you can be on the safe side with this one.

Technical Specs:
1. Ceramic coated plates that glide easily during styling
2. Different heat settings
3. 2,5m of cable
4. Tangle free swivel cord
5. Shaping brush
6. At a flick of a button, the unique Multi Style changes width so you can create smooth glossy straightness with the straightening function, or wrap around the barrel for tight disco curls, tumbling curls or natural waves. Just choose a curling bar setting and get creating.

Official video of the saviour: Remington S6600 Stylist

T&L tips:
This all-in-one multi styler allows you to create multiple looks with just one, styling tool. I must confess I haven’t tried much more than straightening. Couple of times I tried to make some curls, but I was not really persistent. I believe I need more practice:)
It heats instantly, so you just plug it in, set the temperature and begin with the straightening.
I must ask Louise to try it out too. I am sure she will be able to make all sorts of different hair styles on her hair. Later I should hire her as my personal stylist. I’m sure she would not charge me her services:).

PROS: A beauty gadget that is absolutely necessary for all the women and girls who want their hair to be done neatly. We’ll let you decide when it’s time for tight disco curls, tumbling curls or natural waves. Just choose a curling bar setting and get creating.

CONS: Much practice is needed. It is definitely not as easy as it could have seemed from watching the video. So, ladies keep up with all the experiments and get real experts in different hair styles. With a strong will we’ll be able to do it entirely by ourselves.

OVERALL: Nice product, a necessity for all the beauty lovers. It is actually our (women’s:)) job to look well at all times, so even if the use of it is not so easy, we have to deal with it. The straightener itself however is simple to use. To make a good use of all the rest of features that the Remington S6600 Stylist is providing you need to go out very often, husbands and partners should invite you to different events at least once per week, you should set up so called “Girls group” and organize your weekly Girls night out……….:):) all this in a spirit of mastering this gadget asap.

With love T&L!

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