Accessorize yourself…it’s spring!


Dear ladies, this time something just for you!

Since me and Louise are definitely finished with this year’s winter, which for us is over, done with, caput, dead, gone :):):) we started feeling the arrival of the spring already. We are welcoming it with our arms wide spread….How about you?

Have you already put away all the winter clothes and shoes. I did. All the clothes are carefully put in all these big boxes and all the winter shoes I took downstairs to the garage. Again I have put them in a giant box that I use for non-seasonal shoes. I like order, you know. Everything has to have its place!!!

Anyway, I know Louise did the same these weekend. Now, with all the winter clothes away,  we both think that we need to spice up our wardrobe. We would need to go for a shopping real soon, but this is the theme for some other time.

Tonight we would like to share with you some beautiful, small things, that can also lift the mood, spice the outfit, clank through the day, make you even more of a woman that for sure you already are. So, don’t worry about your black outfit, black that stays with you all these months. Add it a little something, a tiny and delicate piece of a jewelry that will make a difference. Trust us, people will notice your effort.

Here are some suggestions, some tips from Thelma and Louise.

925 Silver Bracelet

The design of this delicate bracelet is really pretty. It has a rose and “LOVE” engraved on both sides of the heart. It’s very light.

Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!    Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!

Bohemia Style Filigree Cuff Bangle Bracelet Fashion Jewelry (Silver)

Delicately made jewelry, a set of 7 bracelets that will clank through the dayJ

Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!  Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!

Chunky Designer Multigem with Murano Glass German Silver Bracelet

It’s a nice and lavish bracelet that will definitely stand out.  It’s quite heavy on the wrist and most parts are of good quality. I had to make some adjustments to the bracelet in order it fit  my wrist, since it was too big for me at first. Rather  than that I just love it.

Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!    Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring! Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!

 Accessorize's spring! - Accessorize's spring!   Excellent

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