Most wanted iPhone 5!


Still waiting for an iPhone 5? Thelma and me definitely can wait for it to come :) So we searched and we found some rumors that might be true.

In case you will still wonder weather you should reach for a new version (will not happen to neither of us:):)), here are some specs that will help U decide!!!!!

iPhone 5 concept shows off a larger screen and a capacitive home button much more sensitive to the touch. It is dressed in gorgeous aluminium dress, that shows new substantially slimmer and lighter body very well.  In addition to high-speed 4G data network support, battery promises a better life. Absolutely cool and practical wireless charging is something that we find decisive for those who will hesitate:) At the end, a  A6 processor with faster graphics chip will be build in a new phone, so photos, videos and the rest of the features will be even more precise than usual.

What about the price predictions? There are different rumors…….. in nut shell, it’s predicted that the price will not be way too expensive than the previous version of iPhones4 & 4S.

Is it already yours?

Not yet, sorry! Rumors are that iPhone 5 release date – is June this year! So let’s cross our fingers and start counting down:)

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s absolutely a MUST!

With love T&L!

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