Legend of the fall – Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman

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Our fall fairytale started when we got MINI COUNTRYMAN! It was love at first sight. What an amazing car. It is absolutely gorgeous. Its beautiful figure impresses and its sexy curves seduce:). Literally!

Driving a MINI is always good fun:)! If you have already seen the movie “The Italian Job” where Charlie and his Mini crews are chasing on the streets …..Then you know the feeling! But driving the MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN, takes the fun to a much higher level. We both start calling it Mini Maxi:)…You wanna know why?

Sit back and enjoy the ride with Thelma & Louise!

No, we didn’t drive Mini over the cliff, we left that option open for some other time:). I simply proposed to Thelma to interrupt our lives for just 2 days and drive MINI on a journey where we’d have enough time to test it for you. I didn’t need to bend her arm, she was in right away. We simply couldn’t wait to hit the road ….and you know what – we enjoyed every minute of driving it!

Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman - Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD

The Countryman is a real sexy driving machine. It’s the king of the crossovers, the car that just keeps on giving. Because of its low center of gravity and sporty chassis we laid curves like crazy ….fortunately cops didn’t caught us:):). We both love driving very fast on highways, faster than it is legally allowed (in our country 130 km/h). But if you drive Mini Countryman you don’t need to worry about speeding. Cruise control is at your disposal every time you need it:) …we suggest using it, especially if you want to save money….cops and radars are watching you!

We didn’t have absolutely any problems with climbing hills or driving in the rain which of course is quite obvious, since the Countryman offers ALL4 all-wheel drive. That is one of its main and most important features!!!Pavements and street “islands” could be your new parking options, if of course you ignore the fact, that police will probably notice your arrogance sooner or later. It is nice though, that hitting the pavement doesn’t mean a permanent damage to your car, anymore, isn’t it?

Talking about MINI, you probably think it is suitable for one or max. 2 people. But, actually The Countryman is very suitable for families and everyday rides. It offers the room for 4 or 5 people and has 4 doors:). We both have kids and MINI has so much space inside that you can easily place 2 safety seats on the back seats of the car.  A highlight of the interior design is the long center rail. The rail allows you to Snap-on various accessories like storage boxes, phone holders, sunglasses storage and most crucially; cup holders. If you have children, and you sometimes visit McDrive, you should keep in mind that the rear door pockets won’t hold fast-food drinks:)! We can guarantee you…we tried…

Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman - Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD

Tech specs:

  • Power:    181 hp at 5,500 rpm
  • Torque:    177 ft/lb at 1,600 – 5000 rpm
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h, man/auto:    7.5/7.8 s
  • Top speed, electronically limited, man/auto:    215 / 210 km/h
  • Fuel consumption in the City, man/auto:    7.7/8.1 L/100 km
  • Fuel consumption on the Highway, man/auto:    6.1/6.1 L/100 km
  • Fuel consumption (Combined), man/auto:    7.0/7.2 L/100 km
  • Curb weight, man/auto:    1,385 / 1,405 kg
  • Max. gross weight, man/auto:    1,810 / 1,830 kg
  • Max. roof load:    75 kg
  • Max Luggage capacity:     16.5 – 42.2 (ft3)
  • Fuel capacity:    47 L
  • Dimensions LxWxH:    4,110 / 1,789 / 1,561 mm
  • A powerful 181 hp engine furnish the MINI Cooper S Countryman with a top speed of 215 / 210 km/h (man/auto). And with its Overboost function, the twin-scroll turbocharger produces an impressive 192 ft/lb torque.

Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman - Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD

T&L tips:

  • Its dashboard is superb – circles all around. Its the first thing that everybody notices when they sit inside!!! Large central speedometer contains entertainment and navigation system…you should’ve seen us; like two little girls who wants to play with all these buttons:):)
  • Perfect for weekend trips with your best friends or lovers! Perfect also for short excursion with your beloved familiy:)
  • One day you could decide to break out of your normal life, jump into the car and hit the road. You won’t regret it:):)! Afford yourself an unforgettable adventure and be like Thelma & Louise:)

Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman - Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD

PROS: You can call it the “natural athlete” – wide track, long wheelbase, short overhangs, low centre of gravity and “a wheel in each corner”. Its your bodyguard, who makes you feel as safe as beeing at home. Beeing anywhere and anytime.

CONS: The price of the model that Thelma and I tested is not friendly to our pockets. We would have to choose a basic model, even for this one probably we’d need some help:) But, tell us this, who doesn’t need help of husband or bank when buying a new car???

OVERALL: As MINIs go, this Countryman is huge, but as crossovers go, it’s quite MINI. We could easily call it MINI MAXI. If you want a German vehicle with British styling, mild off-road prowess, four doors and four seats, MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN is the perfect choise for you. Mini helps facilitate our very different lifestyle:)

Our postcard from unforgettable journey:

Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman - Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD

Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD all4 Countryman - Legend of the fall - Mini Cooper SD Excellant!

With love T&L!

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