Girl Vs Running


Are you addicted to running but hate running on a gym’s treadmill? We sure do.

Beeing a working mum or studying hard most of the day, you must be facing the same problem we are. These winter days, the daylight is simply to short. So, it leaves us with the only possible way. We must run in the darkness of an early morning or evening.

Safety tip for night running from Thelma and Luise: You need to be seen – use a headlamp!

We found it, which is great. Bellow you can find some technical tips, that might help before you go out:

  1. Lens can be focused or adjustable
  2. You can fix it on your head with elastic headband
  3. There are 3 modes of lighting : HI – LOW – STROBE
  4. You need 3 x AAA batteries which are not included
  5. Working time is 3 hours, so don’t stay too long outside running:)
  6. Light range is 200m.
  7. It’s Water resistant

T&L non-technical tips:

  1. It’s better to leave your hair dirty, because a headlamp fits better on your head! It’s even better!This way you don’t need to wash it after the run:)
  2. You can borrow it to your husband, boyfriend,….for camping, hiking, skiing, hunting or finding you in the bedroom when the lights are off:)
  3. Mums and dads - we suggest to you a completly new and funny way of cutting your kids nails, considering you have a problem of doing it the normal way:) You should climb under the table, while your child is eating, and should play a role of a friendly little crocodile who specialised in eating children’s nails. For this transformation you will of course need the headlamp.
  4. Honestly, you won’t look your best while running…..but your body will look amazing and will feel good about yourself
  5. You should also invest in good footwear, keep running clothes simple as you can and stay safe

Are you ready ? 1,2,3,….Go!

girl Girl Vs Running - Girl Vs Running Excellent

girl Girl Vs Running - Girl Vs Running

PROS: So many different possibilities of using it, price….

CONS: Colour:) It should be pink!

OVERALL: Good product. Nice to have it at home.

girl Girl Vs Running - Girl Vs Running girl Girl Vs Running - Girl Vs Running



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