Early Summer Exploring With Sony Nex 7


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Is there anything more beautiful than being able to get away from work and the rest of the usual daily routine already some weeks before the school is over? And is there anything more beautiful than being able to spend those days with your best friend? Even the kids, that obviously must go with their mum wherever she goes:), could not ruin those days for us! We were simply so Zen, that none of the usual kids’ repertoire, practiced on us daily, couldn’t work. Louise and I were simply unbeatable!

What was the trick?:-) From where did we draw our energy?

Well, it is simple! It is the place! We are coming back here, from year to year for 10 years or more already and we are still not tired of it!
We love the full package that the place is offering: the sea, the beach, little bays just around the corner, the little town for evening walks and new pieces of jewelry:), we love everything!

It was early June, and the place was still not packed the way it is later in the summer, which of course is great! After early morning coffee on the beach, peaceful starring at the sea, reading some pages of our books or jogging instead, we came back up to the trailer where our kids were still sleeping:). We ate breakfast all together and went swimming.

We have thousands and thousands of photos of the beach, of our kids swimming and playing, us posing:)…By bringing Sony’s NEX 7 with us from back home, that we got for a testing, we felt obliged and additionally motivated to move our asses of the beach and go exploring Baška and its surroundings! We tried to take some really nice photos, using some of the many different functions the camera can offer. Unfortunately none of us is a photographer and we probably need to take a course or two from photography first, but the beauty of the place did some work instead and brought the best out of the camera.

Exploring of our holiday spot and the one of the camera begun!

We started with Baška. It is the second largest town on island Krk and it’s famous for its architecture…….


……..2 km long sandy beach……


…….and a 4 km long promenade along the coast dotted with restaurants and great for bike riding, jogging and roller blading.


You must love it. There is something to do for everybody.

Not many kilometers away from Baška, on the way to Krk, there is a small village called Vrbnik where you just need to make a “pit stop”  :-).

There is a cute little restaurant at the top of the hill, with a perfect terrace overviewing the sea for spending some magic moments with your guy. Louise and me came there in the middle of the day so no special magic could be felt, except that the place is simply stunning:-). Nevertheless we ordered a portion of prosciutto and cheese and enjoyed every bite of that intoxicating iniquity. We met a couple from England and a biker from Amsterdam

We bought a canister of their delicious white wine to have some that evening:)


We had another stop at Krk that day, the main city of the island…..

We captured these photos mainly by using automatic or panorama functions because we just wanted to catch as much as we could to share the beauty of this lovely spots with you

Tech specs (highlights)! For us complete mystery:) :

  •     24MP APS-C CMOS sensor (shared with the SLT A-77 and A-65)
  •     ISO 100-16000 (100-1600 in Auto)
  •     Built-in 2.4M dot OLED EVF with eye sensor
  •     Electronic first-curtain shutter (cuts response time from 100ms to 20ms)
  •     ‘AVCHD Progressive’ 1080p60 HD movie recording with built-in stereo mic
  •     Tilting rear screen
  •     Three-dial user interface
  •     Built in flash and Alpha hotshoe
  •     Infra-red remote control receiver
  •     Microphone input socket



  • We should all consider buying ourselves a good camera to match it up with our smart phones…
  • Smart phones can’t do the work of the camera. Our iPhones shoot beautiful photos, but Sony NEX 7 beats them any time!
  • Sony NEX 7 is a keeper
  • Sony NEX 7 is a small, highly portable camera
  • Sony NEX-7 comes with a 18-55mm lens that produces great pictures :-). We are quite new in digital photography so attached lens was a bit high tech for us Exist other lenses that are better for more specialized situations.
  • You can not resist its perfect compact body
  • Thelma & Louise should take a photography course first, because most of the functions of the camera stayed untouched and therefore unrevealed
  • We can’t compare Sony nex 7 with any of its competitors, yet. First we should take a course, then we can give you some objective comparisons ;-). Agree? We won’t burden you too much with the details even when we finish the course.
  • Sony nex 7 is specifically targeting those advanced users whose key spec reads like it’s come straight off an enthusiast’s wish list :-)!
  • Stay tuned and keep watching ….. soon you’ll get all T&L tips about most functions that this camera offers. In our way, of course! That’s our promise and our mission





While drinking the wine we bought, I think I told Louise every interesting story that happened on the way to Vrbnik or back in those years before children. We were giggling and laughing all night long. Some really juicy stuff came out that night :).

Yeah, that’s summer! Nights have their special powers don’t they?!



With love T&L!

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