Night vision!


Are U a late working person? U don’t want to disturb others or even wake them up in the middle of the night by turning the lights on? U want to take good care of your eyes?

First, you must know that looking too much in the screen of your computer is bad already. Doing it without a proper light is even worst. So, a good “desk” light is a MUST.

Our blog is produced mostly at night:). If you are short of time too and work nights,  your eyes are on a tiring journey… Do you look like an angora rabbit while finally washing your teeth before pouring into bed? Would your husband and kids think you are a devil (cute though:)) wondering round their house? That’s it then. You need what we found!!!!

We searched the internet and we came across an amazing gadget “USB powered light for lap top/PC/”. Our eyes are safe now, hopefully yours will be too?

Night vision! - Night vision!     Night vision! - Night vision!

 Night vision! - Night vision!

   Night vision! - Night vision! Good

Technical tips:

1. It has flexible metal neck for any angle adjustment
2. 16-LED white lights
3. Powered via USB 5V port, great for laptop/PC
4. weight : 41 g (1.45 oz)

T&L non-technical tips:

1. You should use it if you want to avoid arguing with people that you share your home with. If you are crazy enough to work at night that’s your problem:)
2. If you think wearing glasses is not sexy, we can assure you that you are wrong:) There are some models that can make you look absolutely gorgeous. Even though, if we can avoid wearing them, we will not be bothered:)
3. From the practical point of view however, not wearing them is easier, you don’t have to worry about breaking them, about the lenses, eye drops, eye lotions……..
4. If your sight is good, your husbands, boyfriends, lovers can’t deny they were hugging another women down the road. You can be sure you saw them!!!!Unfortunately even wearing glasses can’t prevent you from such “happy” news.

PROS: This is a very useful and handy gadget for laptops, notebooks or USB hubs on tables. Good price, easy to use, easy set in any position you desire, enough strong and bright, you can really see your keyboard in the dark.

CONS: No ON/OFF switch, would be fine (not really cons).

OVERALL: We like working on our laptops at night, if possible we take them to our beds:) We get specially inspired there:) We really needed this gadget! We are absolutely happy now that we found it.

With love T&L!

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