I’m not a paper cup!


So, don’t you worry, you won’t feel like drinking a “take a way” coffee. It is not that Starbucks Caffe mocha isn’t absolutely delicious, but drinking from a ceramic cup like me, it’s something else:)

Most people can’t start their morning without a cup of coffee or tea. This is where I come in. I am also equipped with the cover, so I can accompany you anywhere you want (car, work, cinema, out for a smoke…). You can wash me in a dishwasher, you can put me in a microwave, but be careful you should take the rubber cover and a “cup ring” off.

So, feel free to use me for your coffee, tea or any other HOT or COLD drink you desiree…. Just take me with you wherever you go!

My technical specs:

  1. My capacity is 400 ml. That’s quite a dose of coffee would’t you say? If you are not awake after drinking it, I will through my self off the table :( I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review
  2. I come with hermetically-sealed rubber lid, which makes me a perfect companion. You can even hide what you are drinking:), not that I would like to induce you to anything!
  3. I’m heat resistant, so if you prepare your coffee before putting your clothes and make up on, don’t worry. Your coffee will still be warm while drinking it on the way to your work….
  4. You can get me in different colours (army green, grass green, blue, white, dark pink, coffe, orange…).

Hope Thelma & Louise agree with all that?

Of course we agree! We believe in you, though Louise can share a funny accident that happend to her last week.

Before she went to work, she prepared herself a cup of strong coffee that she pour in her brand new cup :) I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review She was already all dressed up, the make up was done, actually she was at the door. She took a first sip of her morning coffee, that is always so good for her senses, and guess what….coffee was all over her nice, fancy dress…..She was furious…..she almost threw the cup away. Obviously the rubber lid didn’t fit the cup perfectly and the special coffee pattern spread over her chest. Nice! I can imagine her face! Ha ha ha! She had to change her clothes and she came to work late that day….

paper cup I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review   paper cup I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review

paper cup I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review Good

paper cup I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review


PROS: So many different possibilities of using it – for drinking coffee or anything else:), as a nice present, you can use it as a vase, pencil jar, for cotton pads,….It’s just nice to have it at home:)

CONS: The lid doesn’t fit perfectly :( I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review Prepare yourselves for some dripping :( I'm not a paper cup! - Paper cup review or be extra careful when drinking! Me and Louise are usually in such a hurry, that we should start using our kid’s bibs………….:) White blouses and fancy dresses should be kept away:(

OVERALL: Good qualitiy, if you don’t mind drinking without the lid????? But it is still ECO friendly!


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