Blend your way to a healthier life!

zeleni ponedeljek srce

Blend your way to a healthier life!

Most changes in life habits usually start the first day of the year, the first day of the month or at the beginning of the week, on Monday:):) On Monday we make plans for the upcoming week activities. Take Louise and me, we start to diet every Monday and thus we do it all year long:):) We are terrible!

It is no wonder that the “cut out meat one day a week” movement chose Monday to be the day to spend it without eating meat!!! They say Monday is the January of the week:). They say that Monday is the call to action built in to every calendar each week. And if this Monday passes you by, next week is another chance to go meatless!

Why are we suddenly talking about meatless Monday?

As you know, we each have two kids. Three of them are already attending school, only one is still enjoying the special care of the kindergarten:):) Since the school is about to start, we are all involved in preparations. I think only Louise and me are not happy. We were so enthusiastic when we were enrolling our children to this and that activity, but now when the school year is about to begin we are terrified:):):) We want our holidays back again!!!!!! AAAAaaaaaaaaaaa! HELP! Crazy September is here:)

Well, anyway every year the school introduces some novelties, this year it is the same. Some usual renovations and inside reorganizations happened. What is totally new for us is the fact that our school joined the Healthy Monday program. It means that our school will introduce Meatles Monday as the key element of the Healthy Monday programe. In our country the program is called Zeleni ponedeljek. We must say that we are absolutely thrilled with the idea of our kids not eating meat at least one day in the week. We are sure that the nutrition program of previous years was already healthy and well prepared, but we still like the idea of meatless Monday.

We wouldn’t have been Thelma and Louise if we didn’t check their web site right away. After reading first few lines we decided to make some changes in our eating habits as well. If not eating meat each and every day (which it was the case with me) means that we reduce our own impact on the environment and the probability to suffer from certain chronic diseases, that is at least what we can do for ourselves.

Louise and me, we like eating meat. We like eating all kinds of food:) So, it is not likely for us to become vegetarians or even vegans some time soon. But, like many people these days, we are taking better and better care of our nutritional habits. We eat fruit in the morning, a little bit of something every three hours, proteins after 4 p.m. and so on and so on. What we probably still do not eat enough are fresh vegetables. Salad is an exception, we eat a lot of that green stuff. Other then that???? We found a solution for that, too!

We found a perfect gadget for the whole family. We found OMNIBLAND! It’s absolutely the best blender that we have ever got and it will be blending our way to healthier lives from now on:):):) Web site that we browsed offered this savior together with all the recipes that we found really interesting. We must confess that unfortunately at the moment we don’t have time to prepare some delicious food, made of really healthy home produced ingredients that can be bought at 4 different places. Maybe someday when the kids are bigger and we have more time:) What we have time for and the will to prepare though, are the smoothies!!!Soups are super nice too! This we will do!

Searching for more recipes, we found another interesting page They are promoting fresh food through the cooking working shops that they’ve been organizing for almost two years now. Blender is absolutely indispensable element when preparing fresh food dishes, so it is a MUST!

Like we wrote, Louise and I started with preparing smoothies and soups. We manage to prepare our meatless Monday as well. We are sure you will be able to prepare other delicious recipes too. Enjoy blending your way to your healthier life!

blend Blend your way to a healthier life! - Blend your way to a healthier life!



Who’s going Meatless Monday?

Louise and I with our familiy, definitely!. We’ll try and give up meat just one day per week….it’s healthier for us and for the planet:):) !

For this purpose, we tested for you one of our favorite gadget:

Tech Specs:

JTC OmniBlend V (TM-800)

The Omni V Blender is the best high performance blender to make your vegan or vegetarian smoothie recipes. You can blend hot soups, ice cream, sauces, purees, pate’s, or grind flour, coffee beans, avocado pits, seeds, nuts, and so much more…….

- It comes with a 3 horsepower high efficient motor

- Voltage: AC 220 – 240

- Frequency: 50-60 Hz

- Power: 950W

- Capacity: 2-Litre (68 oz) (2000C.C.)(8,5-CUP)

- 3 timer settings: 35, 60 & 90″ (One-touch Auto Timer)

- 3 speeds: High, Med, Low

- Wet & Dry application

- is quieter, runs cooler, lasts longer, has a stainless steel blade gear

- with 7 Year Warranty!


blend Blend your way to a healthier life! - Blend your way to a healthier life!

blend Blend your way to a healthier life! - Blend your way to a healthier life!


T&L tips

PROS: What we were using in our kitchen up until now cannot match our new blender in any way. It is quiet, it is quick, it blends really finely, no big pieces are left in the jar after blending. The options of the recipes that can be prepared are enormous. Everyone can blend something that she/he likes. Louise is a specialist on preparing ice-creams, milk shakes and some fruity smoothies. She is preparing the vegetable smoothies just for the sake of the children and me looking over her shoulder:):):) She is sweet by all means!  Me however have only two or three recipes that are circulating on the menu. All three are made of fresh vegetables…if I lose time preparing it and if the color of it is green or orange, it is better to be healthy like crazy!!!!!!:):):)

CONS: Can’t find any.

OVERALL: I’s absolutely obligatory to have a blender in every home. Family decides what kind of dishes they will prepare. The choice is enormous. Louise and I must find some recipes for our husbands as well. They tend to be nervous, without real energy and are whining all the time. Hopefully we can “mend” them by preparing smoothie every day. Better they start drinking them, because Louise and me wouldn’t want to be forced to find new and young energy somewhere outside our home:):):)


blend Blend your way to a healthier life! - Blend your way to a healthier life!

blend Blend your way to a healthier life! - Blend your way to a healthier life!


blend Blend your way to a healthier life! - Blend your way to a healthier life!


With love T&L!

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