Thelma & Louise

Working mums testing technology, spending most of our days sitting in the office, at raising kids, not so damn young anymore, but still very blond. What can U say? Chicks!


The new Samsung Galaxy S III!

May 3, 2012! Very important day for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies. Yesterday they announced the…


Be my girl

Cable! Hey guys! We know that there are only “few” things that you can’t leave without. Next to football, beer, women and cars, there…


You like it big?

Maybe it is not that you like it big, it’s more that you need big?:):):) Are you one of those people who sleep surrounded…


Breaking the Law

Hopefully those who shouldn’t see such writing, did not read my previous post about making calls where most of the people do:( I will…