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Sony corner in Big Bang

From now on, Sony combines experience off innovative and cutting-edge technology all in one place. Many Sony products that are distinguished by professionalism, versatility…


Perfect summer companions

Did you have the opportunity to spend your summer holidays by the sea, with your feet buried in the sand while catching the sun?…


Bmw X1 for hosting a kiwi

Have you heard that young Australians and New Zealanders travel a lot? Do you know why? They explained to Thelma, when she was exploring…


Adam! He’s The Man!

Let’s be clear. He’s definitely a man. Not a typical high role model :), but a chic small city car. Say hello to Adam!…


Cute gifting ideas

Cute gifting ideas We are pretty sure that at least once or twice per month, you find yourself in a dilemma what to buy…


Social networking at work

Social networking at work T&L couldn’t agree more with what some people are saying. They believe: ” Employees that access social networking sites at…